Tide Lines specializes in commercial and residential asphalt sealcoating and lot striping.


Pothole and Crack Repair

Repairing the potholes and cracks in your asphalt surfaces keeps water from undermining your asphalt slab and ensures the longevity of your lot. This is the first step to a fresh, smooth parking surface.


Seal Coating


Paint Striping

Crispy fresh lines will have your lot looking brand new. Whether you re-stripe over existing faded lines or are coming in over new seal coating, this is a great way to have your lot finished. We offer everything from simple stall lines to ADA accessible stalls, crosswalks, stencils and more!

Seal coating extends the life of your asphalt while providing a beautiful smooth surface. Adding protection from weather and elements will save you some big bucks from needing to replace the asphalt while looking fresh!

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